Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sports Update For All

England spinner Graeme Swann has been talking to BBC Sport this morning ahead of Thursday's final Test with India, and says of the team's successive victories which have put them 2-1 up in the four-match series: "I think it's very difficult to

What a Game!
 quantify just how good they were, I mean they've been magnificent wins away from home, they've certainly not been my two favourite wins because you tend to save those for the ones against the Baggy Green team but you know they've been good wins.

"To lose the toss and go on to win the games so convincingly has been very encouraging and when my career finishes I'm sure I'll look back with a great deal of pride on how we won those games but I won't be looking back with as much pride if we don't finish the job off this week."

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